NHS Consultants support GLL Communication Solution

24032015blogOur Team Gavin campaign to make Eye / Voice Communication Tablet Technology available for other people with MND / ALS took another significant step forward last week. I was approached by the NHS to tell my story in a short video that will be aired broadly across the NHS in the coming weeks. I will post the video footage here soon.

We are right now at the point where AFFORDABLE technology is now available to dramatically improve the wellness of patients with the specific need. At the same time, NHS clinitians are realising the benefits could be as dramatic for them by using this technology to perform remote consultations with MND / ALS patients. Win-win!

To make this happen and for us to meet our objectives requires greater awareness both within the medical and patient communities. Events last week will go some ways to achieving this goal.

Much more to follow on this campaign, as we work together to bring about change.

It should not be down to luck whether patients are given the opportunity to benefit from Eye / Voice Communication Tablet Technology.