Live LifeYou can maintain your happiness and well-being by remaining independent for as long as possible. That said, there comes a time when major and minor changes must be made at home.Taking into account the considerable time and expense to put in place some of life’s basics, I encourage early implementation. From personal experience, I didn’t anticipate just how long things can take and got caught short, therefore I am keen to ensure others are aware and plan accordingly.

·         Secure delivery of a wheelchair (and other mobility aids as necessary) ahead of time. Time to implement: 1 month.

·         Implement a personal home care package, to your specification, ahead of time. Time to implement: approximately 3 months. 

·         Apply for government PIP support immediately. Time to implement: 9 months.

·         Only when government PIP is approved and in place can you secure a wheelchair accessible mobility vehicle. Time to implement 11 months (ie 2 months on top of the 9 for PIP).

·         House alterations and an adapted shower room are vital. Time to implement: 12 months.

These timelines are totally unacceptable, but are reality. Until the system changes, plan accordingly. The goal must be to provide these basic fundamentals within 4 weeks, not 12 months. Through, we will be lobbying government agencies and MND charities to do more, quickly.                                                                      

I emphasis again that the relationship with your council led occupational therapist (OT) is vital to provide other necessary equipment you will need for the home environment.

Thanks to Euan MacDonald and his family, no matter your level of mobility you can visit public places in the UK with confidence. Euan decided that it would be helpful to create Euan’s Guide, a website and mobile app where disabled people and their families can share reviews of public places. Here you can check accessibility in advance – not only for restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions, but also for your critical everyday needs.