Letter to Gavin

Dear Gavin,

I would like to thank you for what you have done for me and my daughter.

Thanks to your initiative Gavin Lives Life and the great way of fundraising through doing sports, I have been blessed with more quality time with my daughter.

Thanks to you we have started running back in March to be able to complete the Prague Marathon Family run, which is only 3km.

The fun and the great memories we have made during the training and the day of the run will always stay with us.

My daughter Helena, she is 5years old, was very excited and proud the day of the race to wear the T-Shirt with HP and your logo. She did a great job, we run the 3km in 19min 48sec, when we crossed the finish line, I started crying. And she asked “mom, why do you cry? I haven’t run well?” and lady behind us answered – “ your mum is crying because she is so proud of you.” And she was right, I would never even think of my daughter being able to do this, as we are both diagnosed with Hereditary Spherocytosis.

While driving home from Prague I suddenly heard “When are we running next time mom?” and my kid went to sleep that day in the race T-Shirt, with the race number and the medal is by her bed until now.


Thanks to you we found new hobby, new passion and since the Prague marathon we run next family race 2weeks later, that was 3.3km and we did it in 21mins and we are planning to attend next ones during this summer.

Every time we run, you run with us.