Get On Yer Bike

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well.

The last 2 weeks have been fruitful for me in several ways.  My condition remains stable, with strength improving each day.

I am out of bed and going walk about in the chair around this huge state of the art hospital several times a week. Very liberating.

The other major advancement is every day I am now on my bike machine (only possible due to Reidy & Baz humphing it here from my house, thanks again guys). Within a few days, I am doing 20 minutes and 1.5 miles per day, and looking to increase. Every rotation feels great.

Appreciate the continued visits. We always seem to have a lot of laughs. Keep coming, you might spot me on my bike.

Live Life.


  1. How are you my friend- are you out of hospital. Great to see you are keeping active.cheers Mick

  2. I can confirm every time I see you, you’re on the bike……yesterday for 25mins, the time flew in as you, mum and I laughed……thanks also for you’re advice on football training for my boy, I so love your wisdom Gov……see you soon, with all my love, Polly x

  3. Hey Gavin – I am super impressed to read about your cycling. I cycled once, when I was 17 and my friends and I decided we’d cycle from Dunoon to Toward for a camping holiday. It was 7 miles and it took me 5 hours! Perhaps we were weighed down by the 16 bottles of Peach Concord we’d decided to carry in our backpacks…

    Great to hear you are doing so well and that the new hospital has such great facilities.

    I think about your and your family often.


    Aline xx

  4. Gavin your doing fantastic your such an inspiration. Hope to visit you soon.

    Marie MCNS

  5. Gav, you are doing great – an inspiration. ????
    Love you