Make a difference

Live Life

If the need arises, I will be able to speak in my own voice using my eyes. Research centers like the Euan MacDonald Centre change lives. I am proud to have pioneered game-changing technology there.

Participate in Research

Knowing that you are making a difference for others is excellent for well-being and mindset. At the right time for you, consider participating in research for a cure, a treatment, or devices.

There are ongoing drug trials aiming to slow, stop, and ultimately reverse the devastating effects of ALS. I myself am six months in progress and the result trend is good.

Left to right: Gavin with one month supply of trial drug, Gavin and the research team at the Euan MacGregor Centre, Gavin taking his eye recognition device out for a spin
Left to right: Gavin with one-month supply of trial drug, Gavin and research team at the NHS and Euan MacDonald Centre, Gavin using his eye recognition communication device

You can embrace technology to create quality-of-life solutions. Consider this: MND/ALS does not affect the brain or the eyes. Combine those two vital assets with today’s brilliant researchers and life changes completely. In collaboration with NHS and the Euan MacDonald Centre, I am privileged to be the first ever to implement my own voice-banking eye recognition system. If the need arises, I will be able to speak in my own voice using my eyes. Because of the superb research work done at the Euan MacDonald Centre, other MND/ALS patients will too. This eye-recognition communication solution is a game changer. It enables access to tablet devices which keeps the door open to the workplace, social media, and even verbal communication. What’s more, it’s fun!

Studies at the Euan MacDonald Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK range from genetic research to exploration of cognitive function. There are research centers in countries all over the world doing important work for ALS patients. I encourage you to find a way to get involved.

Change the Healthcare System

What can I do?


The reality is that the basics provided by the UK system simply take too long. The current processes create negative energy and patient anxiety which directly affect well-being, and I suspect even life expectancy. The system’s goal must be to provide these basic fundamentals within 4 weeks.


Call to Actionimplementgraph

  • Raise awareness
  • Lobby MND charities and the government for change
  • Drive accountability, speed and collaboration across the NHS and Councils
  • Ask medical professionals and charity staff to promote the Gavin’s Live-Life Approach wherever possible

Expand Your Network

Here’s mine:

  • Michael O’Doherty (Healthcare Pioneer)
  • Euan MacDonald Centre, Edinburgh
  • Other vital NHS departments
    • Homeopathy (amazing, to ensure correct mindset)
    • General Physician (monthly visits)
    • Physio-therapist (ensure neuro specialist)
    • Respiratory consultant (ongoing visits, to avoid anxiety)
  • Local Council (essential equipment)
    • Occupational Therapist (OT) (visits as required)
    • Care alarm
  • Charitable organisations
    • Complimentary massage therapy
    • Small grant assistance (£)