Live Life

After the initial shock period when faced with a devastating situation like MND / ALS, it’s vitally important to change your “mind/heart/lifestyle”. It’s about creating the right mindset to maximise happiness & well-being in the face of adversity.  I have consulted and worked with numerous experts in this area and share with you the guidance to create a strength in mindset that you too can implement.

Accept the situation.

Then remove diagnosis from your mind. The brain doesn’t know.

Don’t sit in the passenger seat of the bus being driven by a medical consultant who diagnosed you.

Focus all thoughts and positive energy on living your life to the max.

Have everyone around you on the same frame of mind. No doom and gloom.

You now must take control of your mind, of your life.

mind gearsDownload this “new software program” that runs you.

This is just the beginning of the journey, be patient.

The system focuses on end of life management for patients. Ditch this!

Focus instead on living life to the full (doing what you want, with who you want, when you want).

Fill your schedule with positive people, activities, events.

Things will gradually change, so make the necessary practical changes in good time so as not to impact your daily schedule.

Work can be an important part of your daily program

You decide if you are happy today

Believe that you can influence the situation

Inner self motivation is vital. Are you willing to make changes to enable you to take control of your life?

What story are you telling yourself every day? If it’s negative, you are going to reflect this.

Start with an image. Listen to the subconscious chatter. Where do you see yourself next week? Next month? In 6 months? You’ll be amazed what will happen.

Take the selfish approach for once.

The only person stopping yourself is you.

There is energy & power to be gained by changing the mindset. What you see is what you get.

To ensure you have the tools and frame of mind to be and stay positive, seek out providers in your area who are consistent with positive healing approaches. I recommend Michael O’Doherty (Healthcare Pioneer), and the Centre For Integrative Care (Glasgow Homeopathic Centre).

Here is a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts which I want to share based on my own journey. It’s a good summary of what not to do and what to keep in mind.


  • Embrace the changes your diagnosis has presented,  accept them, and move onMindset concept in tag cloud
  • Take steps to establish a positive live-life mind-set – what you think is what you get
  • Remain as independent as possible throughout
  • (Re) Connect with your faith/spirituality
  • Keep working, stay busy
  • Live your life to the max, be sociable, take positive energy from people
  • Accept help from others – do it in your own time and what feels best for you
  • Implement the major changes well in advance (given the length of time required)
  • Be mindful of every thing and everyone
  • Have your teary moments


  • Don’t dwell too much
  • Don’t ask “why me?”
  • Don’t be angry because being angry only creates negative energy and will worsen your situation mentally and physically
  • Don’t hold grudges – let them go