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Incredible Football & Family Fun Event


Well unfortunately the forecast for Sunday 3rd May was right; the only aspect of the tournament that couldn’t be controlled or organised was the weather and boy did it rain!

The day began early, a small team of helpers setting the tournament up. With the rain still falling heavily, the outdoor activities were hastily re-arranged inside. A small army of helpers appeared to prep the huge amount of last minute donations for the tombola and raffle stall.

Meantime the tournament “athletes” were beginning to arrive in large numbers! Old friends and former team mates greeting each other amongst the aroma of deep heat!


The tournament kicked off in style. A special moment with the 20 teams gathered in a large circle out on the pitch with Gavin alongside his bothers and sisters Steve, Tommy, Carolann and Pauline whilst a few words were said before a piper played Flower of Scotland. A fitting opening for the inaugural GLL Tournament!

There were a few shaky moments when two players suffered injury in the first 5 minutes of play, but soon results were flooding into the scoreboard zone. Even the rain and soggy jaffas couldn’t dampen everyone’s spirits. The tournament was competitive, it was organised, it was disciplined and at times the football being played was of a high standard equaling that of the SPL (Sunday Pensioners League)!

After a couple of hours we had reached the final where Tommy Lanigan’s team, “The Spiders From Mars” took on captain Paul Sherry’s “Mary-Doll Juniors”. A crowd gathered to watch what was a very good final between two teams eager to win the first GLL Trophy. “The Spiders From Mars” eventually winning 3 v 1. Not only did they become the first team to have their name engraved on the GLL Trophy, they had the honour of being presented the cup by Lisbon Lion Bertie Auld.


The objective of the GLL Tournament had always been to provide a special day for Gavin and his family; a gathering together of special people, friends, family, work colleagues and team-mates from his long playing career (with a few celebrities to add the icing on the cake)! Each and every player and spectator played their part in achieving this and creating an incredible day.


Meantime the spectators, friends and family had achieved something else special inside. Tombola and raffle tickets had sold out, some amazing prizes were donated and won and a fantastic party atmosphere ensured fun was had by all. Along the way a staggering £3805 was raised for the GLL Campaign.


Already looking forward to the 2016 GLL Football & Family Day and seeing who’s name will be next on the cup!



NHS Consultants support GLL Communication Solution

24032015blogOur Team Gavin campaign to make Eye / Voice Communication Tablet Technology available for other people with MND / ALS took another significant step forward last week. I was approached by the NHS to tell my story in a short video that will be aired broadly across the NHS in the coming weeks. I will post the video footage here soon.

We are right now at the point where AFFORDABLE technology is now available to dramatically improve the wellness of patients with the specific need. At the same time, NHS clinitians are realising the benefits could be as dramatic for them by using this technology to perform remote consultations with MND / ALS patients. Win-win!

To make this happen and for us to meet our objectives requires greater awareness both within the medical and patient communities. Events last week will go some ways to achieving this goal.

Much more to follow on this campaign, as we work together to bring about change.

It should not be down to luck whether patients are given the opportunity to benefit from Eye / Voice Communication Tablet Technology.


Huge thanks to Glasgow’s NHS Southern General Hospital


2 weeks ago I attended the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow for a scheduled procedure to safeguard food and nutrition intake long into the future.

The procedure itself was a success and I would like to take a moment to thank all NHS staff, in particular my surgeon, consultant, and the many nurses and carers on Ward 23. All went way and above the call of duty to make my time there as comfortable as possible.

2 weeks on, I am fully recovered from the procedure and now looking forward to the many exciting Gavinliveslife events planned over the coming months.


No medical cure yet, but we uncover a Technology ‘Cure’…

Over the last 9 months, I have been fortunate to be part of an unbelievable team operating at the forefront of leading edge technology. Having spent my 25-year career in the technology sector, I only now fully appreciate the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.

Through equal measures of luck and persistence, I now have a Communication Tablet Device which I operate using only my eyes. It’s changed my life, allowing me to continue to live life.

Enjoy our short video. Share it far and wide.

Stay tuned for more as Team Gavin campaign to help make this technology available for other people with MND / ALS. It should not be down to luck.

How to go about obtaining an Eye / Voice Communication Device

200 Gavinliveslife family & friends pack into local church hall for a magical evening

This update is brought to you using only my eyes on my recently developed Eye & Personal Voice Communication Device*.

200 Gavinliveslife family & friends pack into local church
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At the weekend, Lorraine and I hosted a fun night in our local church hall bringing together 200 of our closest family and friends. With the venue at maximum capacity, the positive energy, enthusiasm, and all round banter was phenomenal. Was also great to see so many folks meeting up again given the passing years.


In sub-zero temperatures and difficult icy conditions, we braced ourselves from near and far for the Gavinliveslife Race Night.

It was a very special night indeed, especially getting the opportunity to see and talk to everyone. Also seeing 200 people screaming at a screen for their selected horses was a sight not to be missed.


The night was organised and run by our relatives and friends, who did a fantastic job. The raffle proved very popular, with all prizes donated by local businesses and those attending. Also a hit was the launch of the Gavinliveslife wrist band.

A huge thanks for everyone attending, our organisers, and helpers, who created the most memorable of evenings.

Gavinliveslife Wrist Bands


*The Gavinliveslife team are actively pursuing for my ground breaking communication device to be made available to all ALS / MND patients in Glasgow, then Scotland, then UK, then internationally. Stay tuned for more details.

View photos from the event here.