Our global fundraising campaign started with a bang in September 2014! Two of Gavin’s colleagues, Ralf Kohler and Franz Preinesberger, ran the Dam tot Damloop 10 English Mile in Amsterdam on Sunday, 21 September. The weather was sunny, the crowd was enthusiastic, 47,000 runners participated, and Ralf and Franz enjoyed the day.

Ralf was happy to run his 10 miles in 1:18 and Franz was pleased with his time of 1:29. They were cheered along the course by Jan Roodenburg (whose Ice Bucket Challenge appears here).

Ralf and Franz say they had a lot of support from their families, friends, and HP colleagues, specifically those in The Netherlands. Fifty HP NL team members joined the Dam tot Damloop run and a lot them mentioned their support for Gavin. Gavin’s Live Life Approach was even mentioned in the HP Dam tot Damloop newsletter.

Ralf and Franz, thank you for your fundraising and for being the first to go the distance! Awareness of ALS/MND and Gavin’s groundbreaking approach are spreading because of YOU, Gavin’s supporters!

​Want to run in support of Gavin? Please contact us and let us know! We’ll help you find a race in your area.
We extend our special thanks to these fantastic folks who pounded the pavement! They are now distinguished members of the Gavin Lives Life Athletes Hall of Fame.

Ralf Kohler 2

Ralf Kohler


Franz Preinesberger

Franz Preinesberger