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Sinead Stevenson (Friel)
Saw you both at the hospital today just by chance, remembered your faces from Holyrood...praying that all can be well for as long as possible. Xxx
Diana Burr
Best to you and your family xx
Stuart McDonald
With everyone's best wishes to a truly inspirational man!
Mary Barry
All the very best, Gavin
Jim McLeod
Gavin - Best Wishes from The McLeod's..
RJ van Limburg Brouwer
Great to see the impact you make! Ripples throughout the web.
Jim Darroch
Gavin, you're an inspiration, keep going mate.
Delia Keir
Think of you & the family often Gavin - you inspire so many!
Lesley Thomson
Keep inspiring that pal of yours !
Samantha Samuel
I've never met you Gavin but you are truly inspirational. Keep fighting.
Jennifer O'Donnell
Truly inspirational, keep up the fight. Love Jennifer and Andy xxx
Craig Baxter
Thinking of you Gav.... Craig
Kevin McArdle
All the best Gav
Good luck Gavin, keep fighting hard and we are thinking of you always
Nancy and Bobby Caulfield
Keep fighting Gav and hope you get home soon.
Craig Gibson
The world needs more people like you Gavin. Keep positive and best wishes from us all.
Jan Roodenburg
Keep runnin!
John Logan
Totally inspirational, encouraging and raising all our spirits in life Gavin. All power to your great work giving so much value to others. Best regards, John & Niamh Logan.
Tony & Karen McCulloch
I hope Stuart & all your friends & family can get you lots of money to fight this terrible disease Take care
Joe McBride
Keep up the good work Gavin. "Inspirational" doesn't cover it pal. Big love to you and the family x
David Carrick
Good luck
Craig Herd
All the best Gavin. Hope things improve for you into 2016.
Maurice Barry
Keep strong, Gavin. We're all with you! Maurice, Margaret & boys
Raluca Ioana Radulescu
All the best!
Paula & Derek Higgins
Gavin, well done on the HPNN mail - another fabulous stage to get the word out. You continue to inspire us all! 🙂 xxx
Damien Paterson
Keep up the fight Gav - it's been a long time since I have seen such a swell of support for an individual and their cause. Obviously testament to your character and personality (Wilson has told me a few stories!!)
Mark Steele
You are a true inspiration to anyone who has to face real adversity, that said, it is regrettable the circumstance in which this has happened!
John Gallagher
Keep strong and keep on fighting Gavin!
Pamela McGuire
Your an inspiration Gavin - stay strong!
Andy Brooks
All the best Gavin, from across the pond.
Supply Chain Bratislava
Keep on fighting, you are such an inspiration to all of us! Go Gavin!
James Carrigan
Your an inspiration. Best wishes to you and your family.
Gillian Campbell
Hi Gavin! Thinking of you & your family. You are an inspiration. All the best, Gillian
Gerry McBride
God bless & take care Gav - we're all praying hard for you & the family. What an inspiration you all are to those living life in the face of adversity!
Anne Hadden
Hi Gavin keep on fighting. So many people are with you. Anne x (Wilson's cousin)
Keep on fighting...
Stephen & Aileen Henry
What an inspiration, please stay positive and keep on running
Gerry Brown
Gavin keep up the fight. Big Davie keeps me updated with how you are getting on. Take care. Gerry
Good Luck fella!
Johnnie Netrow
Always find you inspiring my friend! My heart and prayers go to you and your family.
Keith Miller
Hope you achieve your target. Good luck
Stuart Gray
Gavin, Continual with your fantasic positive attitude in your fight. Please Please stay strong you are indeed a inspiation to everyone Think of you and the family
Chris Addison
Your fight is not fought alone. Stuart and others like him prove this. Their strength is your strength.
Bruce Mcmahon
Your spirit and determination is a lesson to us all!!
Stuart McDonald
Keep fighting!
Julia macdonald
Good luck from Julia Macd! Hope to see you soon
Morag Campbell
Best wishes to you and your family
Terry Delaney
Keep up the fight Gavin. All the best to you and your family.
Rhona Lynch
lots of love to you Gav and and God bless x
Russell Kinnear
Gavin you are a great man, keep fighting. Davie has been keeping me posted with how you are getting on. Take care. Russell.
Deone Finlayson
Good luck Gavin..you sound like a fighter!
John & Flo Shannon
You are still very much in our thoughts Gavin. Take care. John & Flo.
Jo Fitzsimons
Only know of you through Kerrie/Davie,you have amazing strength of character and lead the way in showing others what can be done in heart breaking circumstances.
Davie Shannon
Gav, looking forward to our next wee chat, enjoyed the visit last week, esp listening to your Celtic team selection for the Malmo game. Should've watched strictly!!!!! We will send the swim photos. Take care. Shanigan.
Gary Lianne and Girls Kidd
Gavin, haven't been with you in a while but you remain in our thoughts everyday. Proud to support you and your continued endeavours. PS this doesn't mean I wont be running in Oct - signed up and ready (ish)
Chris Dolan
All the best
Janet McLean
Hi Gavin, hope you are doing ok, this man Graeme is on a mission!
Maureen Lancashire
Wishing you all the best, hope all your friends do you proud
The Frasers
Good luck on the swim big yin!
Gran & Granda
Good luck
Lynne Donnelly
All the best Gavin
Leonardo Idris
Stay strong Gavin
Jennfier Reid
You're a fighter and truely wonderful Man by the sounds of it
Stuart Pace
Hope the medical trials continue to go well.
Neil Brouder
Hi Gavin, stay strong, it is good to see so many people routing for you.
Joseph O'Gorman
I hope you are coping well bud and i look forward to seeing you soon
Geraldine Linden
Humbling story, puts our daily banal grumbles into perspective.
Duncan Fortune
Good luck Gavin - I really hope that the medical trials continue to be positive. I really admire your bravery - I'm sure you are an inspiration for others unlucky enough to be in your situation.
Dave Walker
Good luck Gavin,you know you will do it and very best wishes Dave
Kate Raeside
Very best wishes to Gavin.
Marjory Robertson
Will be thinking of you thinking of the golfers next Sunday.
Alison Robertson
Although we've never met, I've heard all about your bravery from the Bruce family. Good luck raising your target and hope the golfers help you get there.
Ian Taylor
Keep your strength of will going.
Graham Robertson
Well done for having Matt on your side. He's from Bolton, but he's ok.
Bruce Murray
Keep up the fight Gavin, heard a lot about you from Fergal Best Regards, Bruce Murray
Eddie Hyland
Good luck
Billy Sinclair
Wishing you continued courage and strength - keep right on living your life to the fullest. All the best
Margaret McFadden
Good luck
Jim McFadden
Good luck!
Lynn McFadden
Take care and stay strong with positive thinking xx
nigel maeer
I hope you smash the goal all the best
Colin Roulston
Take care.
David Jack Michael
Stay Strong Gavin
Julia MacDonald
Gavin, you have a fantastic attitude. My prayers are with you and your family.
The McCargo's
All the best Gavin, Hope this helps in some small way. Cheers McCargo's
Fiona Shaw
This donation is made from cash donations from Rebecca Hall, David Black and Richard Kelman with their best wishes xx
Megan Craig
Good luck mate and glad my cousin is doing his bit for you !
Scott and Jan Mclean
Hi Gavin, hope our small contribution helps.
Simon Crunden
Best of luck with the challenges ahead
Fiona Shaw
Hi Gav, this donation is from colleagues in Clydesdale Bank, friends and neighbours who have heard about your quest to live life. One step closer to your target...looking forward to seeing you next month xx
Stephen spence
Lots of support & best wishes Gavin from Supply Chain & IT folks in Erskine x
Adrian Filby
Stay strong and keep fighting Gavin, you have a good bunch of friends around you!!
Jim Darroch
Gavin, You're inspiring, I sincerely wish that the new drug can be successful and return as much of your health as humanly possible. We thought of you and drank a toast to you at our Compaq Auld Masters golf day on Friday there. So although you may not hear from me so often, believe that I and others have you in their thoughts and wish you well. Hope you can be there for next year's auld masters, will you charge appearance money 🙂 All best from myself and other old pals in Czech. Jim
Renée Steffan
Gavin, keep on going! I admire your courage and strengths!
Good luck Gavin hope you enjoy the day and lets hope the weather is on your side too.
Staci Hedlund
Gavin, what a great weekend coming up! So much enthusiasm, so widespread. Just lovely.
Andy Downie
Wish you all the very best Gavine
Nicola McCabe
I hope this donation helps support your treatment.
Eva Furthmueller-Liu
All the best for you and your family Gavin
Rhidian Tinkler
Best of luck Fiona and the rest of the team. Hope everything goes well.
Fiona McDerment
Wishing you all good things, Gavin. If you're Fiona's friend you must be alright 😉
Danny Gibbons
Your positivity and searching for improvements to help all is inspirational and a lesson for many in power to copy.
Roswitha Geyer
Good luck Gavin and all the best for your family
Simone Schippert
I am impressed about your power and your attitude and wish you all the very best.
Eileen Donnelly
Hi Gavin, You are truly an inspiration to everyone that knows you. It's amazing to see the support from all your family and friends. (Never thought I'd see Fiona Shaw participating in the Praque marathon, as I know how much she dislikes running...lol so thank you for giving her the courage and determination to do this) Keep fighting Gavin, we are all supporting you. All the best and love to you and your beautiful family xxxxx
Ralph Schliesser
I'm glad to have a colleague and friend like you. I'm impressed by your attitute towards life. There is so much dedication in everything you do.
Paula MacPherson
All the best in your quest Gavin - what an inspiration to all you are.
Ally Keough
Keep fighting Gav, your an inspiration. Can't say I'm looking forward to the 6's tournament as I am regularly getting embarrassed by 7 year olds megging me on the park, see you there and you can have a good laugh.
TIENS Norwich
Keep fighting!
Katie Wilson
Go Fiona!!! Enjoy every second, such a good cause, best of luck to all participating in such a lovely race 🙂
Steven Smart
All the best Gavin
Julie McGarvey
Good luck Gavin and keep inspiring everyone.
Staci Hedlund
Hope you, Lorraine, and the kids are doing something nice on this beautiful spring day.
Matthew May
Your story is an inspiration. My prayers are with you and your family.
David Potts
Outstanding attitude!!!
Julie Ritchie
Best Wishes you are an inspiration to us all.
Janette Adams
Gavin , I want to thank you for testing this drug so others may benefit . We don't know what life us going to throw at us , but selfless acts can change lives and the world .
John Hyslop
Keep paddling bro.......
Crawford Hawley-Groat
Gavin Good luck - keep fighting. Hope you enjoy watching Paul and co fight through their day of golf. Karen, Crawford, Adam & Emma Hawley-Groat
Fiona Jenkinson
🙂 🙂 xx
Sarah McOnie
Best of luck Gavin from everyone at The McOnie Agency.
Gerry and Maureen Condron
Keep smiling Gavin and lets hope we can make that 'treble' happen ! Get the drinks ready Lorraine ! Gerry
Amazing and inspirational stuff.
Jeremy Hawkings
Good luck and our prayers are with you
John McGovern
£5 donation on behalf of Alan Mclean
John McGovern
£20 donation on behalf of Alasdair Hendry.
John McGovern
£20 donation on behalf of Stuart Kirkpatrick
John McGovern
£10 donation from Dennis Blair
Roseann Jane
Best Wishes Gavin from Tommy's sister
Fiona Jenkinson
Hope to see you soon lad !! 🙂 🙂
Adrian Kent
This was from Stephen Spence ... he doesn't have PayPAl
Robert Dewar
Hi Gavin - I hope your goal is reached and wish you and your family all the very best.
Thanks to Gavin, I have learned that the walls that appears in your life can be transformed into the stairs towards your dreams.....
Fiona and Gillian Brown
Lots of good wishes to you Gavin.Knowing john and his cycling addiction....your sponsor money will be safely in the bag!
Kathy Petty
Thinking of you and wishing you and your family all the best. Thank you for the beautiful words to live by
colin todd
Wishing you the very best Gavin, thinking of you.
Juergen Voellinger
All the best Gavin-keep Living your life!
Kim Johanson
Thinking of you and your family, an inspiration to all of us. A friend of Adrian's @HP.Bristol Kim Johanson
Chris Mckinstry
All the best and hope the target gets reached
Jim Holmes
Thinking of you Gavin. You have a great passion and drive and you are a real gentleman! All the best, Jim
RJ van Limburg Brouwer
All the best Gavin!
Kenny Fairholm
Gavin, you're an inspiration to us all as you continue to battle this terrible illness. As always, I salute you and will have a tot of Lagavulin in memory of our partnership and friendship whilst at HP. Rgds........Kenny
Mark Haywood
Hi Gavin Tremendous courage. I wish you well. I hope the funds roll in Go for it Gents.............Make sure they keep the bar open!
Julie McCowan
Good Luck Guys!
Julie O'Neill
I'm hoping you reach your target soon Gav.. I'm proud to have you and Lorraine as dear friends. Your fighting spirit and the way you are dealing with such adversity is truly inspiring.
john ainsworth
Keep living your life - you are an inspiration to all
Alan Scott
Keep on fighting, you are an inspiration to all.
Dionne Condron
I feel honoured to know you Gav, you are beyond inspirational in how you have taken on this illness head on. So many can and will learn from you. I have never been prouder to have a friend like you. Good luck to the golfing guys!!
John Sheridan
Gav you may not remember me...we played at Giffnock North together, you used to set me up to try and score some goals!! Just found out about your fight against this illness and good to see you are fighting all the way buddy. All the best mate to you and the family
Fraser McKenzie
Amazing stuff mate.
Duncan Frew
Good Luck on the Golf Day and make sure Paul doesn't bring his "Magic Pencil" for the scorecard!!!
Greg McEwan
All the Best Gavin, keep fighting! An inspiration.
Dave Knowles
Good luck guys, great challenge for a great cause! Cheers, Dave
Jordan mckenna
All the best Gavin!
Simon McEntee
Good luck Gavin
Barrhead Judo
"Doing it for Gavin"
Sarah Hill
Marian Edwards
Wishing you all the best, Gavin ! You are a total inspiration to us all. kindest regards, Marian x
Leonard Shaw
All the very best
Thinking of you and wishing you the best always.
Calum Paterson
All the best Gavin.
Gerry McCaffrey
Paula & Derek Higgins
Our team will be full of professional athletes in no time Gavin, with you inspiring folks to get up and go! 🙂 xxx
Stuart Maclean
All the best Gavin!
Kenny Cropper
Everyone is behind you Gavin and admires your courage and determination.
Charlie Boyle
Best wishes Gavin
David Connell
Hi Gavin, Great to hear of the positive effect that the new drug regime has had and hope that this contribution can help, Best wishes, David
Be Strong!
Jennifer Roders
Good luck and I'm happy for anything that gets my lazy wee brother Gordon Roders moving!!!!
Fiona Jenkinson
come in early next time you visit and we'll have a proper catch up Mr Popular lol f:o)
Claudia Briscoe
Keep it going Gavin!
Eddie Mitchell
Gavin, Your positive approach is an inspiration to all. Take care Eddie Mitchell
Alexander Hedlund
Stay strong Gavin. We believe in you!
Sean O'deneal
Best wishes Gav , Sean O
Good luck Gavin from Sheila's Mum & Dad
Julie Smith
Best Wishes Gavin
Yvonne O'Sullivan
Well done you for such tenacity and vision.
Heather Dowd
Wishing you all the best.
graeme reid
never liked you- testing wan 2
Greg Taylor, Cresswell & Co
When Carolann asked me to sponsor her for the Great Scottish Run to support you Gavin I immediately signed up to run the 10k with her. I was told of your diagnosis earlier this year and like most people hearing this news I wanted to do something to support the Gavinliveslife campaign. Running the 10k was a privilege, I met your wonderful friends Gavin, colleagues and family. I have so much respect for your strength Gavin, your courage and your Gavinliveslife approach is one that we should all adopt. I am delighted to present you with our sponsor sheet money, a total of £1,175 was raised at Creswell & CO. Our staff and clients all wish you well & we look forward to continuing the support in 2015. Best wishes to you, Lorraine, Conor and Isla Greg
David Shannon
Inspirational. Keep fighting.
Al the best Gavin
Gary Kidd
Gavin, all of the following people are friends, colleagues and family who handed me cash along the way. I also took donations from fellow drinkers in the pub after the Great Scottish who saw the t shirt and asked who I was running for. Your story inspires and brings out the good in the human spirit. Thanks to Dee Baird, Lynne Frail, Christine and Denise Montgomery, Moira Simpson, Nick from the Woodside, Kath n Bill Morrison, Arthur Morrison, David Simpson, Paul Murphy, Christine and Robert Kidd, May and John Carlton.
Gary Kidd
Gavin This donation has been provided by Principles, teachers, pupils and parents of the Barr Dancedreams theatre school in Paisley. Through their pupil Mia Kidd they were kept up to speed with my running activities and followed all our progress. Your drive and determination is an inspiration to everyone and all are delighted to support your fundraising. Keep fighting the good fight Gjk
Julie Logue
Gavin, this is the money Ciara and I raised running the Great Scottish Run Family Mile. We had a great day together in town along with some friends who were running too and we were delighted that we could help you towards your target in the process. Although not as long as her daddy's race, Ciara was extremely pleased with herself that she ran the whole way and we will do it again at every opportunity till you have enough. It was great to see you at the finish line on the sunday. I hope you're keeping well at the moment and hope to see you soon. Julie xx
Pauline Jack
Pauline, Conor and Paul Jack, friends and neighbours of the Allison's ran the Great Scottish Run Family Mile. We had a great time and glad to raise some money to help with your treatment. Good luck Gavin.
Orchard Park Mount Football Club
Gavin this is a donation from Orchard Park Mount Football Club collected from Russell Kinnear. All the guys who donated want to wish you all the best with your fight against MND. Keep fighting.
Karin and Jim Gilhooly
Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Gavin you're in our thoughts. Davie has told us all about your live life campaign. Best wishes.
Bernie & Mark Daley
Good Luck Gavin
Jim Templeton
Keep fighting the fight Captain! All the best from Jim, lynsey & Jacob
Clydebank Health Centre / Southern General
Best wishes to you and your family Gavin from Linda's work colleagues Caroline , Roberta , Alice, Anne, Cathie, Helen , Isabell , Fay , Charlotte & June x
Gillian (Red Lion Hotel - Fareham)
Wilson has told me all about you Gavin - a true inspiration!
Rolls-Royce Plc Inchinnan
Gavin this is a donation to your live life campaign from my friends, colleagues and work mates in Rolls Royce. Over a hundred people individually took the time to sponsor me and support you in your campaign. Your courage has really touched so many people. Davie Shannon
Jack & Norma Steele
Gavin stay strong. Our thoughts are with you.
Paul Sherry
Thinking and Praying for you and your family God Bless Love Delia Sherry x
Reba Robinson
Great Day out at the Great Scottish Run Gav Take care Reba (Linda's sister)
Gerry McShane
Good luck !
Joseph Harkin
Hi gav , glad to see you tackling things head on , glad to see your positivity rubbing off on my boys they actually think they can run 10k! All the best Joe,Katy and Mila
clare nugent
God Bless Gavin, you and Stephen have been friends for as long as we can remember - you are in our prayers - Clare and Arthur Nugent.
Stephen Nugent
Keep giving people inspiration Gavin and live life to the full. From the friends and colleagues of Stephen Nugent at Royal Mail.
Jan McGarry
Gavin, amazing website, and an inspirational attitude. x
IT Team Erskine Scotland
Hi Gavin, Just wanted to write you a wee note from all your workmates and friends within the IT staff based at Erskine, the teams have made various donation, both individual and via Franks Scottish run link. All our hopes and prayers are with you and your family at this time. We all love a fighter and you’re up there with the best of them Gavin…… From:- Erskine IT team
Eddie O'Hara
I'm a colleague of Wilson's Gavin and think your story is amazing..keep it up!
Nancy and Bobby Caulfield
Keep the head up Gavin!
Russell Kinnear, family & friends.
Gavin, You are & always will be the most silky football player I have ever had the privilege to watch. I didn't get the chance to play in the same team as you, I always played in the second team ( Muirend & Orchard Park Mount ). I didn't have your flair or skill, me, I could tackle & run. When Davie ( Shannon ) told me he was running the Loch Ness Marathon & the Great Scottish Half Marathon for gavinliveslife, I knew I wanted to be a part & help. What a great day I had on Sunday 5th Oct, meeting & running with all your colleagues & friends. Looking forward to doing the Great Scottish half marathon for you next year with big Davie. You are an inspiration, keep fighting the fight. Regards Russell
Gary McNulty
Fantastic Gavin! Stay strong and continue to inspire
Jim Carse
Hi Gavin, it doesn't seem that long ago we were kicking a ball together. One thing you had in abundance on the pitch was fight & determination and I am sure those qualities are still with you today. Good luck to you and your family. All the best. Jim Carse & family.
John Mcnulty
Good luck with your treatment from May and John
Kevin O'Dwyer
Gavin my old friend. It's been a while since we soldiered in that HDD lab in Greenock!! Some of the best banter I've ever heard - I still wake up screaming about bloody FDUT!!! Still shake my head that we all showed up every day to get the crap beaten out of us. Should have been danger money in it for us. I only just got this news from Wilson and honestly I'm still in shock. You're facing the ultimate challenge but your grit and determination are inspirational. Best of luck to you and all your family.
william john borthwick
I dont know you Gavin but if you are a friend of Mark's that is good enough for me. Keep up the figh mate,, all the best.
Robert Croom
Good luck Gavin! Best wishes.
Andreas Gall
Hi Gavin, wish you all the best for the future
David Naylor
Hi Gav, You're an inspiration Sir, with your positive attitude and some of the things you've done. To cap it all, you managed to get Reidy running! Cheers, Davy.
Bridie, John & Mary Theresa Coll
Good luck with your treatment x
Ralf und Petra Dittus
Hi Gavin, as HP employees we need to stick together in all times... All the best, Ralf
craig mcnulty
Wishing you the very best with your treatment from everybody at BT Openreach control
Ewan McGowan
Fantastic spirit
Alex Morrison
Gavin - praying that this will help you along your journey. Alex
Ann & John MacLean
Good luck with your treatment Gavin, great moto to live life.
Gordon Innes
I remember our golfing days in Donegal like yesterday Gav. sun on our back and the whole of Ireland ahead . keep calm and drive on
Neil Mcallister
Best wishes Gavin
Catriona Findlay
Keep up the good spirit Gavin!
Catherine Drysdale
Raymie & Catherine Drysdale wish you all the best Gavin x
Brian Connolly
I wish you all the best Gavin.
Gillian Taylor
You are an inspiration! Xxx
Marina Wylie
Wishing you the very best with your treatment, Gavin
Albrecht Reiber
Hi Gavin, all the best for the future. I hope this gift helps a bit in your fight. Albrecht
Brendan Brawley
Gavin I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, you've got one hell if crew out running for you today Good luck to you all Brendan
Kevin McDougall
Good luck Gavin and Lorraine in your fight, proud to be part of the race team.
Stewart Renton
All the best with your campaign Gavin.
Carol Cuzen
You dont know me Gavin i am related to linda -pauls partner i wish you all the best you have plenty of friends fighting with you Love from carol and alan cuzen ❤️
Craig Baxter
Hi Gav, your brave fight is an inspiration to us all..... Best wishes, Craig
Gerry Collins
Always an inspiration to me since and you continue to be!
Robert McAlistair
Best wishes Gavin.
Ildiko Illes
Never give up!
Robert Agnew
Keep going Gav!
Frank Mcneil
Thinking about you Gav, still remember your infamous pitches.....
Peter Johnstone
Gavin, keep fighting!
Janet Corrigan
Getting Stephen to run shows what an inspiration you are Gavin as Carol and I tried to get him to run for years without success ...... Thinking of you xx
Alex Allan
Stay positive Gavin
Marie Weir
Gavin, keep fighting and we're praying hard! Lots of love Cameron and Marie
Andy and Jennifer O'Donnell
All the best Gavin keep the faith!
Robert Calderwood
Wishing you all the best
Stuart McLardie
Inspirational Gav all the best!
Gary McLeish
Inspirational outlook, truly humbling
Anne Barrie
Good luck with the continuing treatment
Fiona Shaw
Gav, I hope you smash your fund raising target! Looking fwd to seeing you next month. Stay strong x
Anne innes
All the best in your brave fight Gavin.
Martin Allison
David Murray
Hi Gav... stay strong ... you need to after that "jammy" result last night... all the best David
Mark Drummond
I really hope the medication helps you through this difficult time in you an your familys life all the best
Suzane & Peter Miller
Keep up the fight Gavin x
Mark Thomson
Stay strong and keep positive Gavin.
Curly Oates
Dear Gavin, We are good friends of your fiercest advocate and supporter, Carolann, and are delighted to support you all and your approach to life, in this small way. Love and admiration, Curly & Glennie
Iain Caulfield
Take care and all the best to you and the family!
Andrew McDonald
All the best for the future Gavin.
Keep fighting on Gavin. 'Lifes not about waiting for the storm to pass..its about learning to dance in the rain' .
Paddy Herron
Best wishes 🙂
Fight on Gavin. Any friend of Wilson is a friend of mine.
Robert Irving
All the best with your live life campaign. You are an inspiration.
Ian & Jennifer McKendrick
All the best Gavin.
Joe McBride
Hi Gav. Mind that time we were on W's stag do in Newcastle and I was bursto and freezing and you gave me your jacket? Probably not but I do. Small gesture with a lasting impact. Yer a great fella. TIme for all your friends and family to put their jackets 'round you bud. Awrabest
Barbara and Dieter Grau
Hi Gavin, all the best for the future and we'll keep our fingers crossed that the treatment will be successful.
Graeme Mearns
Cheers Gavin, never give up.
Paul & Tina Burgoyne
The site is fantastic Gav - really inspirational. Our prayers go out to you, Lorraine and all the family xxx
Rab Struthers & family
Davie has told me all about you, I've known the big fella for a number of years, if he says you are one of life's good guys then that's what you are. Stay strong. Best wishes to you & your family.
Nigel Roddie
Good luck Gavin, Bob has spoken a lot about your amazing strength..........and you even have Bob running
Yvonne and Matthias Knauer-Ellesser
Hi Gavin, we wish you and your family all the best for the future. Keep up your optimism and positive attitude!
Detlef Otto
Hi Gavin, all the best for the future and a successful treatment.
Val, fred, brett and kyle Curran
What great family and friends you have - you must deserve them.
Allison Christie
Never give up.
Gillian Anderson
Keep up the positive spirit Gavin. Plus good luck to all those running!
karen kelly
Gavin. we've never met but I am a good friend of your lovely sister. What's important to her is important to me. Wishing you the best. Live Life love karenxxx
Yvonne Stewart
Totally inspirational! I have no doubt you will meet your target 🙂
The Frasers
You're a true inspiration Gav. All the best mate!
Paul Dorman
Gavin, its inspiring to see everyone unite with you in your challenge ahead. I am delighted to be one of the many.
Jim Carvill
Hey Gavin, good result last night, and a good three points in European football. How did David Larza enjoy Parkhead....nice fella. Just back from 5 days in Palo-Alto and 4 days in Houston...good trip. Look forward to seeing you soon. Take care.
Craig Martin
Stay strong Gav.
Heather & Neil
Hi Gavin, You truly are an inspiration to us all. Look after yourself. x
Lynsey Leckie
You are such an inspiration to us all! Stay strong!
Janis Reid
Inspirational story Gavin and hope you keep strong.
Craig Herd
Gavin, I wish you all the best for the future. I had no idea that you were going through this until I saw Wilson's post. I still think back fondly to the days back in Greenock when I was a lowly hard drive engineer and your were our top VB. Take care and best of lusk for the future. Craig.
Woodvale Avenue Susan
Thoughts and best wishes x
Dietrich Theiss
Hey Gavin, all the best to you and your family!
Victoria Anderson
All the best to you Gavin.
Kathleen Connolly
Best wishes x
Lesley Thomson
You must be inspirational Gav .... To get Wilson to put his trainers on !
Chris McCall
Group donation from the McCall clan
Jim Bruce
An inspiration to us all mate!
Mhairi Devlin
Best wishes
Pauline Jack
Good luck with your treatment Gavin x
Our thoughts are with you Gavin
Norbert Frey
Hi Gavin, wish you all the best with your medical treatment.
Evelin & Dieter Härer
Best wishes from Germany!
Brett Bob
Team Cento with you all the way Gav.
You are an inspiration to us all.
Sophie Pinner
All the best Gavin
Samuel Staiger
Hi Gavin, you and your family are within our thoughts and prayers. Samuel and family
Suzanne Gibb
Best wishes Gavin.
St.Bartholomew's Sunday coffee morning group
You are in our prayers.
Sarah Clark
Well done for maintaining such a positive attitude. Very inspirational.
Patrick Elder
Keep up the good fight Gavin
Zoe & Lee
Very inspiring to read about you Gavin. Best wishes.
David Beck
Wishing All the best, and hope Barry delivers!
Alessa Pfleger
all the best to you
Duncan Johnston
Good Luck Chris I expect you to run all the way
Linda & Willie townsley
You are an inspiration.................
john crowe
All the best Gavin.
Annette Frühauf
Hi Gavin, all the best for you! Regards, Annette
Geraldine Flaherty
Wishing you all the best Gavin! x
Brian Garry
Gavin keep fighting, you are an inspiration to us all.
Jo & bob From england
Keep strong Gavin.
Martin Zimmermann
Good luck with your treatment and our best wishes for you and your family.
Scot Macauley
Good luck Gav from your local cobbler/ key cutter in Clarkson
Adrian Lobley
We're right behind you
mary maxwell
Hi Gavin, Ive been keeping in touch with Stephen. Getting regualar updates and thinking of you. Always in our prayers, Mary, George and family
Michael Stewart
All the best, Gavin.
Pat Ruddy
Keep up the good spirit you are an inspiration to others
Stuart Jackson
Good luck with the meds Gavin.
Jim McLeod
Gavin it's been a while mate, best wishes to you and family from clan McLeod.
Fiona Robertson
You are an inspiration to us all. Very best wishes. Fiona x
Amanda Weir
What an inspiring story 🙂 Wishing you all the luck in the world!
Helen Murphy
All the best!
Michael Farren
Good luck Gavin.
Gabriele Schwartz
Dear Gavin, I wish you lots of strength, positive Energy and power to continue! All the best wishes to you and your family. Looking forward seeing you at the run!
Hannelore & Herbert Seitz
Dear Gavin, we are the parents of Gabi and don't know you personally but heard a lot of your. We wish you all the best and continue to fight! Regards from Germany!
Susanne & Roland Zacker
All the best wishes Gavin
Keith Bisset
Gavin, wishing you all the best, you really are an inspiration
Your an inspiration
Anne Marie Flavell
Pleasure to have met you in Lourdes. Always in my prayers.
Lorraine McLellan
Wishing you the best Gavin!!! X x
Carol Spence
Gavin, I am proud to have had the privilege and pleasure of working with you way back in 2002 on Broadband. Your positivity and determination was ever present and continues to be so today. You truly are inspirational!
Johnnie Johnstone
God Bless Gavin. Keeping you and your loved ones in prayer.
Paul Wilson
Gavin your a fighter Buddy -- keep the faith -- Jocky
Tariq Hussain
Gavin - truly inspiring - wishing you all the very best
The McCargo's
All the best Gav
James McKenzie
Marian Edwards
Thinking of you, Gavin. And wishing you all the best. Marian Edwards
Chris Lyons
I don't know you mate but you are a real inspiration. You should be so proud of yourself.
Tom Rafferty
Wilson shared your inspirational story - keep on keepin' on!
Margot McNeil
I wish all the best for you Gavin, and your family.
Kenny Martin
All the best wishes Gav
Sharron White
Gavin Continue to fight! I cannot imagine the war that rages within your mind and heart dealing with this disease. What I do know is that I am praying for a miraculous healing for you. God Bless!
Delia McShane
God Bless Gavin (from Delia's mum)
Jeanette McGauchie
Best wishes Gavin
All the best to you Many dear greetings and much love for you and your family,
Andrew Mitchell
You always have shown passion and attention to detail, the website you have created is outstanding and will benefit many. Very humbling indeed!
Ben/Nikki Taylor
Right behind you Gav! This is a donation raised with a nearest the bottle at Ben Taylor's 30th birthday party 26th Sept tremendous effort Ben really appreciate it!
Michael McMullen
Good Luck with the treatment
Jason Clark
Hi Gavin Keep up the good work!! Put a ball through big Shannon's legs when you see him... : )) Best wishes to you and all the family and all the very best with your treatment. Jason Clark
Pauline Froggatt
All the best Gavin xx
Tracey & Alan Bell
Keep up the good fight Gavin. Best wishes to you and the family Love From The Bells Downunder xxxx
Denise McMurray
Good luck Gavin, we wish you all the best with your treatment xx
Tekbo Ltd
What you are facing have touched the hearts of many, we wish you all the very best with your campaign.
Nicola Mulheron
Gavin, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Your optimisim is an inspiration to all x
Gillian Ross
Inspirational !!
Brian Delaney
Hi Gavin, Forgive me but not completely sure if we have met....... I have been fortunate to know Davie ( Shannon ) & the boys for a long time/ including my brothers Terry & Jim, although they've never had a say in the matter...... In speaking with Davie, he has told us all what a terrific friend & teammate you are & what you mean to him...And how you are meeting your challenge head on with the support from your family, friends along with the friends you haven't met.... In the game and just as importantly in life, it is during these times we find out about our true character, how we deal with things, who we can trust/rely on & stand shoulder to shoulder in order to find a way/ways or whatever it takes to defeat our opponent. In my own experience I always remind people how we cannot do anything about the previous half hour,however we can have appositive impact on the next one.... We are beside you all the way, and as a team we can take this on in order to look for solutions to our situation....If I/we can do anything, Davie knows he just needs to get in touch... Remember the is and always will be half full! Cheers Brian Delaney and family
Susan & girls from JR's hairdressers Paisley road west
Gavin we all wish you all the very best with your live life campaign.
Kerrie Fitzsimons
They say that you should measure a man by his friends.....the messages on this website say all that needs to be said, look forward to seeing you and Lorraine next week, Kerrie xx
Joseph and Elizabeth Capra
Dear Gavin, You, Lorraine and the "twinnies"( that's what we call our twinnies!), are always in our thoughts and prayers. Thank God for Clinical Trials! We were so happy to learn that you were able to participate in the testing of this new medication that is giving such promising results for you and hopefully for many in the future. We admire your daily courage and commitment and your positive attitude. Just know that you have lots of people praying for you in the Philadelphia area! We send our love always, Joe and Liz xxoo
Lynn and Tom Lynam
Gavin, you have obviously inspired many people. Good luck in your journey with MND. Kindest regards, Lynn and Tom Lynam.
Samantha Samuel
Good luck Gavin. I don't know you but you are truly an inspiration. Stay positive x
Anurag Vithlani
Hi Gavin, All the very best. Keep your chin up and keep battling this disease. I am sure you'll win this thing. Thinking of you Anurag
Julie Logue
Gavin, it's testament to the person you are that this lot are pulling on their trainers to "run" the 10k. I'm sure there's not many people they would do it for but they have such respect for you and admiration for your fight that they are only too willing to stoat through the streets of glasgow. We wish you the very best. Julie, Des, Aidan and Ciara xxx
Gary Bumanglag
I wish you the very best.
Thomas Forrester
Continue to inspire!!!
Randy Lee
Best of luck to you, Gavin. You're inspiring many, many people!!!
Tracey Turner
Good Luck with all your treatment and keep fighting.x
Damien Paterson
Gav, was good to meet you the other week at the footie. Wilson's given me a bit of chapter and verse on your story and it is truly inspirational and heartwarming. I read somewhere that 'Your character is not determined by how you get caught in the downpour of disappointment, but how you find the hope to look for the rainbow'. Seems to fit the bill for you! All the very best
Tom Appleton
Hi Gav, please try and get a picture of Barry as he crosses the line your website. The last time I saw him red faced and sweaty was the Baird Hall 6-a-side tournament on the red ash pitches behind the Mitchell, which is more years than we would care to admit!
Chris Vann
Good luck Gavin.
Harry Dougal
Best wishes Gavin.
John Dickie
Hi Gav, The website is fantastic and clearly helping a lot of other people in similar circumstances, which is so typical of you. I have known you for 40 years Gav and your strength of character has never changed no matter what the challenge and is an inspiration to us all. I look forward to seeing you soon. My thoughts are with you and Family Cheers JD
Gavin Brownlie
Gavin ... Enjoyed playing fitba m8 in the old days with yourself and big Davie Shannon n rest of bhoys ....Your were a skilful , strong and determined opponent so no suprise that gritty attitude still serves you well ... Keep strong . X
Jane Wilson
Good luck!
Mary MacDonald
What a pioneer! A true inspiration Gav !
Joerg Ellesser
All the best, Gavin!
Achim Braeunle
Hi Gavin, keep on showing this great optimism! We wish you and your family strength and all the best for the future. Achim, Paloma and Daniel
Dan Bostock
We wish you well, Gavin
Michael Kempe
Hey Gavin, I wish you all the best and a lot of willpower to fight against this disease. Kind Greetings Michael
Rona Orr
Hi Gavin - Good luck with your meds and hope you raise lots of money
Jean Whyte
Best wishes to you Gavin x
David & Fiona Stevenson
Hi Gavin, When David told us about your illness and what you have achieved so far in your quest to bring more awareness of MND to the world, it came as no surprise to Fiona and I that you would do this for the good of others. It is a testament to the strength of your character and to who you are as a fantastic guy and a truly inspirational individual. Keep strong, keep believing and keep up the good work. P.S. You were definitely the better footballer in the Lanigan family but don't tell Tommy and Stephen I told you that !!!
Kim, Angela, Daniel & Leah
Gavin, we don't know you, we are neighbours & friends of Davie, Kerrie & the kids, after speaking with them & hearing your story we wanted to donate something to your cause. Keep fighting.
Andy Elliott
Gavin, Stay Strong. From all @ Pollock Utd Football Club.
Davie Shannon
Gav you are a winner. Topman. Speak soon. 'Shanigan'
Willie Lennox
You're an inspiration to us all Gavin - keep shakin' the bush boss !!
ATB Fella
Craig Campbell
All the very best of luck.
Benjamin Ethan
Wishing you all the best! get well soon. Greetings from BEN
Stewart & Jan Drennan
Our very best wishes Gavin.
Barrie Nairn
All of the very best Gavin
Derek Higgins
So the Amsterdam leg is first Gavin....Truly an international event to raise funds for a truly inspirational guy....see you on October 5th for the Glasgow run. Derek & Paula
Jim Aird
All the best Gavin, Hope everything is as good as it can be for you... Jim
Michael Grossman
Gavin - You are a trooper surrounded by terrific family and friends. May you all keep a great sense of purpose and humor through all this.
Rebeca Orta
Gavin, I want to contribute to your treatment because I know about this disease. My mother-in-law had this disease. Hopefully this treatment help you and I want to be part of this. God bless you!!
Gordon Boyd
Hi Gavin, We haven't met but I know David and from what he's told me & from reading your website I can tell that your are a fighter who won't give up...I wish you all the best...
Ben Taylor
All the best!
Maurice Barry
Wilson running....now that's funny! Keep the heid, Gavin, and all the best from the Barrys. See you in Schiphol sometime soon.
Ian MacDonald
Good luck in everything you do !
James Carrigan
Good wishes to you Gav a fellow Holyrood man. All the best.
John Brownlie
Hi Gavin All the best m8 John Brownlie
Lex Alexander
Gavin, brilliant to see you focusing your positivity into something so useful to people who will so much appreciate it. Any help required bringing the product to market, let me know please. Lex
Stuart Gray
Hi Gavin, It been a few years since we last caught up with each other!! You are one of life`s good guy`s with an ever ready big smile on your face & a sharp n funny one liner to follow (Unlike Tommy !!). Allways positive with a great can do attitude. Keep positive & stay strong,thinking of you & the family. stuart
John & Flo Shannon
Flo & I remember you coming around our house as a friend of David's, at that time we thought you were an exceptional young man & we know that you will fight this with courage & determination. Good luck Gavin.
It is good to see you have so much support.
Donald Finnigan
all the Best Gavin....a fighter and always will be....my thoughts are with you
Alyson McCallum
Good luck Gavin, keep positive
Gavin and Team Gavin We are behind you every step of the way.
Yasmin Brooks
Good Luck with everything Gavin!
Richard Lann
Best of luck
Noreen Reid
Good Luck Gavin!
Janice Bruce
Robert tells me you a real inspiration to him and how you are facing these challenges. Good luck Gavin...
Craig Dunn
Smash it Gav:) All the best.
Hi Gavin, Keep fighting the fight my friend you are one of lifes good guys.
Parkhead Welding Company
Best wishes from Parkhead Welding Company!
Jennifer Reid
Good Luck Gavin from Graeme's Mum & brother
Allan Morgan
Best of luck Gavin
Michael Schwartz
Gavin, we wish you all the best! Regards, Micha & Ursel Schwartz
Shannon Checkley
Best of Luck Gavin!
Suzanne O'Brien
Best of luck with your continued treatment Gavin 🙂
Robin Gillies
Gavin, I work in the Scotch Whisky Industry and do business with Scott Macfarlane, and I wanted to support him in his run. I also just wanted to wisj you all the best.
Margaret McLeish
Go for it David!
Angela and John Mulheron
Love you Gavin xx
Eric, Therese & Family Menear
Dear Gavin and Lorraine, We think of you often and pray for you daily...we wanted you to know that folks across the Atlantic love you and are so proud of your resilience and courage. Lots of love, prayers and encouragement! xoxo
Brian Daly
Gavin, bon courage to you and yours.
Grzegorz Wielesik
Good luck Gavin
Carole Robertson
Gavin, you don't know me but I'm a friend of Pauls. I wish you all the luck in the world - truly inspiring. Carole x
Helen Gilchrist
Glad the drugs are helping and best wishes
chris sharkey
Great work Paul, remember to grease up 😉
John Young
You’re inspirational Gavin.
Juergen Voellinger
Hi Gavin, thank you for you courage and openness to share your story with all of us. It is unbelievable inspirational, just as I have been knowing you all the time. Good Luck!
Stuart McCaffer
What fantastic bravery and spirit. I hope the treatment continues to be a success.
Linda Robinson
Best wishes Gavin love to you Lorraine and the kids hope to catch up soon x
Paula & Derek Higgins
Gavin, it's astonishing that you've managed to achieve so much to benefit others whilst you and your family are dealing with the day-to-day of this condition. Your positivity has already had a vast effect amongst your colleagues, so we can only imagine the impact your message will have on a wider audience now you're in cyberspace 🙂 We're all rooting for you!!! xxx
Rory Walker
Stay strong and good luck Gavin 🙂
jack faber
We all need someone to look up to. You are that guy.
Leanne McElwee
Best wishes to you and your family Gavin x
Terry Delaney
Hi Gavin, Keep up the fight. Terry
Praying for you constantly dear Gav
Aimee Cripps
Good Luck 🙂
Jodie Smith
Good luck Gavin!!! 🙂
Andy Stuart
Gavin, good to see you continue to have a very positive attitude even during these tough times.
Gavin, we hope your treatment is successful and your contributions help many others!
Andrea & Sean Riggenbach
Gavin, Our family will keep you and your family in our prayers. Keep fighting and I pray the trial treatment continues to benefit you.
Neal Porter
Gavin, you are doing a great thing by continuing the battle and raising awareness. May God bless you during this battle.
Franz Preinesberger
All the best for you, Gavin!
Leslie Baird
Stay strong Gavin
Johnnie Netrow
You're an inspiration Gavin! Keep fighting the good fight knowing that God, your Family, and your many Friends are with you!
Jason Brown
Gavin - You continue to be a true inspiration to all of us. Keep up the fight!
Ruth Domingo
Dear Gavin, take care and God bless... Ruth
Gus MacDonald
Gavin , You are one of the good guys , stay strong mate .
Denise McMillan
All the best to you Gavin.
andy gray
hi Gavin, It's been a while since we met in Fort William. My wee boys have my Muirend medal out the other day. You scored a bag load that season and Tommy lead us on to a great league win. All the best Sir Andy
Colin McGlynn
Tremendous inspiration, keep it up, best wishes.
Ralf Kohler
We're all with you Gavin.
Charlie Jackson
Our minds are more powerful than we can imagine. Stay with it Gavin.
Anne Lee
Keep strong
James Delaney
Hi Gavin , Jim Delaney here I am saddened to hear this news but reading the story through Davie you are meeting this head on . You stay strong mate and I run Maryhill Juniors under 21s and I will be in touch to see if we can arrange something .
Lindsey Young
Wishing you all the best
Chris Dolan
All the best to you,
Neil Brouder
Best of luck Gavin
Steven Shute
Courage comes in many forms. For some it is facing each new day. May God give you the strength for today. Regards, Steven Shute
Marcos Peixoto
Hang in there, Gavin. Hoping for better days ahead!
Brian McMillan
Good luck Gavin. Hope the meds continue to help
Good luck !
Gareth Vincent
always stay positive 🙂
Gary O'Neill
Good luck, hopefully a cure can be found soon
Allan Gibson
Its humbling for me to know someone who is as positive as you are and If some of that rubs off on me then it will make me a better person. I hope to see you in the office soon.
Craig Murdoch
Good Luck Gav
Margaret Jackson
Good luck in your quest for a cure.
Donald Finnigan
Hope all goes well Gavin ;~)
Delia Keir
Very best wishes Gavin to you & the family x
James and Lee McLaren
Keep fighting Gavin never give up you are an inspiration
Rhona Lynch
Go Gavin! We are all behind you. Lots of love to you, Lorraine, Connor and Isla xx
Kev Brown
All the best pal
David Bolland
Hi Gavin, A truly fantastic inspiration to all of us.......Go Gavin Go .....hope to catch up soon, Davy B.
Adam Holeczek
All the best!
All the Best Gavin
Jana Hedlund
My prayers are with you and your family during this time. Thank you for being such a strong, inspiring person.
Staci Hedlund
Gavin, thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Thank you, too, for letting us participate in your journey. It really is an honor. Love, The Hedlund Family.