Longest Day Golf Challenge

On Sunday 21st June, 8 slightly unhinged golfers gathered on the 1st tee of Williamwood Golf Club to get the latest GavinLivesLife fundraiser underway. The idea was hatched on the evening of the race night back in January and quickly snowballed from there. Within no time we had commitment from 8 golfers ready to test their physical endurance across 4 rounds, 72 holes and 20-odd miles of walking. Between January and June, golfers came and golfers went, before the final line-up was complete: Paul Condron, Bob Bruce, Graeme Reid, Fergal O’Neill, Brett Ennals, Kirk Willoughby, Alan McFadden and Matt Bentley.


We gathered at 4:45am on Sunday morning and got things underway at 5am. The first two rounds were completed in just 2 hours 15 minutes each, which left everyone scratching their heads at being halfway through the challenge by shortly after 9:30am. There was even talk of us having to add a 5th round to the day if we could keep this pace up.

Throughout the day we kept in touch with Gavin back at Lanigan HQ by text message, sending him regular photo updates from around the course and getting his views on the subject of Bob’s handicap declarations. Gavin has always been a supporter of efficient play on the golf course and hearing that we were getting round so quickly met with approval!

We went straight into round three, but soon found the pace much more leisurely as we started to catch up with the Sunday morning golfers – round 3 was completed in 4 hours before we stopped for a well earned lunch in the clubhouse.

Round 4 got underway at 3:30pm and despite some heavy rain showers and some even heavier legs, the teams walked off the 18th green (or 72nd green!) shortly after 7:30pm and headed to the bar for a well-earned pint and a comfy chair.


The fundraising total is sitting just over £6,500 and there’s already talk of doing it all again next year. Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, to Williamwood Golf Club for giving us access to the course, to everyone who donated to the fundraising effort, and to the golfers who put up with a few aches and pains to do their bit for GavinLivesLife. Golf has long been a passion of Gav’s and I know he was delighted to see an event like this on the schedule, but for the golfers, Gav’s regular text message contributions to the chat around the course on Sunday really helped drive us on to the 72nd hole.

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Letter to Gavin

Dear Gavin,

I would like to thank you for what you have done for me and my daughter.

Thanks to your initiative Gavin Lives Life and the great way of fundraising through doing sports, I have been blessed with more quality time with my daughter.

Thanks to you we have started running back in March to be able to complete the Prague Marathon Family run, which is only 3km.

The fun and the great memories we have made during the training and the day of the run will always stay with us.

My daughter Helena, she is 5years old, was very excited and proud the day of the race to wear the T-Shirt with HP and your logo. She did a great job, we run the 3km in 19min 48sec, when we crossed the finish line, I started crying. And she asked “mom, why do you cry? I haven’t run well?” and lady behind us answered – “ your mum is crying because she is so proud of you.” And she was right, I would never even think of my daughter being able to do this, as we are both diagnosed with Hereditary Spherocytosis.

While driving home from Prague I suddenly heard “When are we running next time mom?” and my kid went to sleep that day in the race T-Shirt, with the race number and the medal is by her bed until now.


Thanks to you we found new hobby, new passion and since the Prague marathon we run next family race 2weeks later, that was 3.3km and we did it in 21mins and we are planning to attend next ones during this summer.

Every time we run, you run with us.


Incredible Football & Family Fun Event


Well unfortunately the forecast for Sunday 3rd May was right; the only aspect of the tournament that couldn’t be controlled or organised was the weather and boy did it rain!

The day began early, a small team of helpers setting the tournament up. With the rain still falling heavily, the outdoor activities were hastily re-arranged inside. A small army of helpers appeared to prep the huge amount of last minute donations for the tombola and raffle stall.

Meantime the tournament “athletes” were beginning to arrive in large numbers! Old friends and former team mates greeting each other amongst the aroma of deep heat!


The tournament kicked off in style. A special moment with the 20 teams gathered in a large circle out on the pitch with Gavin alongside his bothers and sisters Steve, Tommy, Carolann and Pauline whilst a few words were said before a piper played Flower of Scotland. A fitting opening for the inaugural GLL Tournament!

There were a few shaky moments when two players suffered injury in the first 5 minutes of play, but soon results were flooding into the scoreboard zone. Even the rain and soggy jaffas couldn’t dampen everyone’s spirits. The tournament was competitive, it was organised, it was disciplined and at times the football being played was of a high standard equaling that of the SPL (Sunday Pensioners League)!

After a couple of hours we had reached the final where Tommy Lanigan’s team, “The Spiders From Mars” took on captain Paul Sherry’s “Mary-Doll Juniors”. A crowd gathered to watch what was a very good final between two teams eager to win the first GLL Trophy. “The Spiders From Mars” eventually winning 3 v 1. Not only did they become the first team to have their name engraved on the GLL Trophy, they had the honour of being presented the cup by Lisbon Lion Bertie Auld.


The objective of the GLL Tournament had always been to provide a special day for Gavin and his family; a gathering together of special people, friends, family, work colleagues and team-mates from his long playing career (with a few celebrities to add the icing on the cake)! Each and every player and spectator played their part in achieving this and creating an incredible day.


Meantime the spectators, friends and family had achieved something else special inside. Tombola and raffle tickets had sold out, some amazing prizes were donated and won and a fantastic party atmosphere ensured fun was had by all. Along the way a staggering £3805 was raised for the GLL Campaign.


Already looking forward to the 2016 GLL Football & Family Day and seeing who’s name will be next on the cup!



200 Gavinliveslife family & friends pack into local church hall for a magical evening

This update is brought to you using only my eyes on my recently developed Eye & Personal Voice Communication Device*.

200 Gavinliveslife family & friends pack into local church
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At the weekend, Lorraine and I hosted a fun night in our local church hall bringing together 200 of our closest family and friends. With the venue at maximum capacity, the positive energy, enthusiasm, and all round banter was phenomenal. Was also great to see so many folks meeting up again given the passing years.


In sub-zero temperatures and difficult icy conditions, we braced ourselves from near and far for the Gavinliveslife Race Night.

It was a very special night indeed, especially getting the opportunity to see and talk to everyone. Also seeing 200 people screaming at a screen for their selected horses was a sight not to be missed.


The night was organised and run by our relatives and friends, who did a fantastic job. The raffle proved very popular, with all prizes donated by local businesses and those attending. Also a hit was the launch of the Gavinliveslife wrist band.

A huge thanks for everyone attending, our organisers, and helpers, who created the most memorable of evenings.

Gavinliveslife Wrist Bands


*The Gavinliveslife team are actively pursuing for my ground breaking communication device to be made available to all ALS / MND patients in Glasgow, then Scotland, then UK, then internationally. Stay tuned for more details.

View photos from the event here.

HP Erskine goes gunge crazy for the Gavinliveslife campaign

Authors: Anna McMullen and Scott McNee


In support of one of our Erskine colleague facing a life challenge, our site dedicated the month of November to promoting the Gavin Lives Life campaign.

A small team of Gavin’s colleagues and friends got together to organise various events with the aim of getting the whole site together (which, for such a large site was a mean feat and had previously not been done before) and promote the ‘Gavin Lives Life’ message. We achieved this by holding several activities, such as an old fashioned Coin Toss and Guess the Lottery’s Bonus Ball which were the ‘trailer’ to our ‘Main Attraction’ the ‘Gunge your Boss’ event.


We put out a plea to our Senior Management team to get them involved and were delighted with the enthusiasm that met our request to volunteer. Our ‘victims’ from organisations all across the site stepped forward to be covered in ‘slimy green gunge’. The concept and the rules were simple; ‘Gunge your Boss’ for a small donation! The choice was in our hands!! The prospect of seeing your boss covered in this special sludge was quite a draw across the entire site and by the time 13:00 on Wednesday 26th November came about the atmosphere was electric! Several hundred employees gathered to witness the monumental event. Gavin was on site and before announcing the results of the gunging, gave an impassioned speech on his ‘Live Life’ approach and expressed his gratitude for the continued support from his colleagues both in Erskine and across HP worldwide.


Then we put our victims/volunteers out of their misery and in a twist of events – they were all going to ‘get it’! The vision of some of our site leadership covered in the green substance in the middle of the factory floor with live with us for some time.

That wasn’t however the end to our November activity. To finish off the month of raising funds and awareness, ISS held a Man V Food Event which for different reasons was quite an event. The consumption of a 16” spicy pizza in less than 6 minutes by one of the entrants had to be seen to be believed. Once again, a clear display that the whole of HP Erskine continues to be inspired by Gavin and will continue to support in whatever way we can.