Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting in support of our husband, father, son, brother, cousin, and friend, Gavin Lanigan. We hope you’ll spend some time here getting to know Gavin, his journey, and the inspiring, effective way he is approaching life with Motor Neurone Disease/ALS. Visiting the site provides Gavin, wife Lorraine, and twin children Conor and Isla, together with the entire family tremendous support as we all continue on this journey.

In 2013, at the age of 42, Gavin was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS). We knew nothing of MND when he was diagnosed. Like many people we thought it was a rare disease that few people suffered from however there are five thousand people in the UK living with MND. Four hundred people in Scotland.

When being diagnosed, Gavin concluded that the communication and support structure is geared towards end-of-life care, and you may as well just accept it. However this is not Gavin, so he set about developing the “Gavinliveslife“ approach and is proving it doesn’t have to be that way. He is determined to fight the disease and help himself and importantly others and their families that find themselves in a similar situation to him.

Gavin’s website is geared towards helping people in search of information on living well with the disease. Gavin is an advocate of using Laughter, Hope and a Positive Attitude towards managing the condition. He is delighted to share his learnings around mindset, healthy eating, exercise equipment, research and also new ground breaking computing technology which is making a huge difference to Gavin’s life.

In terms of research, there are no MND/ALS clinical trials in Scotland, however, Gavin discovered a pharmaceutical company in England conducting a non-NHS funded drug trial. He travels to London on a monthly basis for rigorous testing and after 6 months, the results of the trial are very encouraging.

Via his website, Gavin now wishes to establish a fund that you can donate to that can assist in the future funding of his medication, while also contributing to the Euan MacDonald Centre in Edinburgh to fast track ALS/MND research. We have provided an area on the site to allow you to make a contribution. Together with the worldwide phenomenal #IceBucketChallenge we believe the time is right to raise awareness and carry on the mission of finding a treatment and cure for Motor Neurone Disease/ALS.

Gavin, his entire family, and the medical profession believe strongly that his approach is really helping. He is an inspiration to all who meet him, and we his family are in awe of his courage and strength of character.

Thank you for your tremendous support. The love, the simple things, the prayers, the kind thoughts and actions, they all make this journey much much easier.

The Lanigan family


  1. I had never heard if Als/MND until a friend of the family got it. My admiration for Eric Rivers and his family and the journey they endured is unimaginable. Eric sadly lost his battle last year but his families fight and yours to find a cure for this horrific disease is an inspiration. Keep going and god bless you all.

  2. ‘I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming difficulties’
    My wee brother, my hero xx

  3. Hi Gavin,
    You are an inspiration, last time we met, you had your kids walking in pollock park. That was my last meeting, well my first there are too many to remember. We were footy team mates and boyhood pals and it was great! I’ve watched in silence but just wanted to say your a star and an aspiration. But most of all I’m praying that you recover 100 percent. Your friend always NFO

  4. Hey Gavin haven’t seen you since you were diagnosed but we know from auntie and the girls that after the terrrible shock of your diagnosis you, lorraine and the family have confronted the disease and life with strength and faith we are all rooting for you
    Gav…stay strong take care
    The Tierney girls and menfolk xxxx

  5. Gavin u are the most inspiring n positive person I’ve ever met… Luv u Chatty man Marissa x

  6. And here’s Gavin again showing the world how to engage! Love it!


  7. Hi Gavin Davie Shannon has told me about your condition what can I say my friend I am lost for words but like the guy I know you are you are approaching this exactly how I knew you would with courage and no fear I am behind you all the way and your web site will be an inspiration and a comfort to others who have or to someone who knows someone who has Motor Neurone Disease.Keep fighting the fight we are all here to fight it with you my friend.

  8. Gavin,
    Great website and great communication medium! Don’t forget your friends in Texas, if we can help in any way!

  9. Hi Gav
    The website is brilliant with such a positive tone throughout. Will be in touch to sign up for the Great Scottish Run xx

  10. Gavin, the website is a brilliant idea and brilliantly executed. Well done (and glad you enjoyed the Islay trip – the video was great!). Michael

  11. Gav,

    Greetings from Sydney, great job getting the site live. Others will benefit greatly from this incredible story of courage. Well done! SL

  12. Gavino,
    Excellent website, fantastic content , truly inspirational!!!


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